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Blue Supergiant

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Alien Planet


The Sovion Galaxy

Avitana 5

Even though Avitana 5 is classified as an"Alien" planet, it is practically a water planet because it is more than 50% covered in water. Water planets can be built on like any other planet, and sometimes have hidden discoveries to be made under the water.

Alien planets are often the most surprising of all of the planet classifications. They are usually a place of wonder, but can also be a place for unexpected events to happen. You never know what you'll find on Alien planets. Sometimes rich and valuable minerals and jewels, sometimes renewable resources, sometimes unexplainable natuaral phenomenon. The 'Alien' classification is truly a class of its own since anything that can't be explained with modern science will tend to fall into this category.

Regardless of the classification, structures, life, businesses and adventures can be had if one wishes to do so. Every planet contains it's own history, secrets and strengths that can be harnessed if the owner is creative enough to figure out how.


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