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nexaverse worlds

Decentralized ownership of entire worlds through an infinite universe of virtual planets.

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Nexaverse Worlds Teaser Trailer Nexaverse Worlds Teaser Trailer
what we are building

Virtual Worlds
That You Can Own

The Metaverse is Coming!

We are building an infinite number of planets in a neverending virtual universe that you can make your own.

Start a business and sell digital goods and services on the blockchain, build custom experiences, adventures and games, or just explore the universe and find things no one else has ever seen. Your story is what you choose to make it!

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Check out our first edition worlds that are for sale as NFT's!

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Own Your Own Planet

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the power is yours

What Can I Do
With an Entire Planet?

Build, Build, Build!

Using our tools, you'll be able to build anything you want on your planet. Browse our free library of 3D models, buy models from other users, or make your own!

Start a Business

Sell images, audio files, in-game items, digital books, event tickets, and services to players. Many of these items can be used to customize their spacecraft, living quarters, wearables and more!

Events and Conventions

What better way to get everyone from across the globe into one giant arena? Hold conventions on just about any topic you wish. Even sell tickets!