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The Sovion Galaxy

Venttia 4

Even though Venttia 4 is classified as an"Desert" planet, it is practically a water planet because it is more than 50% covered in water. Water planets can be built on like any other planet, and sometimes have hidden discoveries to be made under the water.

Desert planets are usually harsh environments with very little life. It is possible for intelligent life to survive on desert planets, but it is extremely rare, as the limited rainfall makes it difficult to sustain life. However, the mineral content can be extremely high on these planets, which can be mined and sold as raw or refined materials.

Desert planets are known for having extremely dry climates, but can sometimes be just the opposite. Astronomical phenomena have been known to suddenly and drastically change a planet's climate, sometimes causing massive floods. The result, in some cases, are planets mostly or entirely covered in water.

Regardless of the classification, structures, life, businesses and adventures can be had if one wishes to do so. Every planet contains it's own history, secrets and strengths that can be harnessed if the owner is creative enough to figure out how.


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