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Red Giant

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Frozen Planet


The Sovion Galaxy

Endtia 3

Even though Endtia 3 is classified as a"Frozen" planet, it is practically a water planet because it is more than 50% covered in water. Water planets can be built on like any other planet, and sometimes have hidden discoveries to be made under the water.

Frozen planets may be one of the most interesting of all planets, in that the layers of ice can contain many hundreds of thousands of years worth of history. Through time, any aliend species that may have landed there, willingly or unwillingly, may still be trapped under the ice, waiting for explorers to rediscover their remains. Historical artifacts from alien species are incredibally valuable to science communities and can often earn a good living for seasoned and ameteur archeologists looking for fortune and glory.

Regardless of the classification, structures, life, businesses and adventures can be had if one wishes to do so. Every planet contains it's own history, secrets and strengths that can be harnessed if the owner is creative enough to figure out how.


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