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About Nexaverse Worlds

What is Nexaverse Worlds? It's two things.

Nexaverse Worlds is a virtual reality Metaverse project that promises to deliver a truly profound space exploration experience by allowing you to explore the universe in an infinite array of planets, galaxies and superclusters. You'll be able to use your piloting skills to soar through the galaxy in a custom ship that you own on the blockchain in order to discover planets that have never been seen before, take part in battles in space that can determine the fate of entire civilizations, go on historical and archeological missions to learn about other cultures and the worlds they live on, and live the life of an adventurer as you see and do things you never thought you ever could.


Nexaverse Worlds is a place where anyone can own entire planets as virtual land, and start a business by opening up a virtual store and selling digital goods and services all through asset ownership on the blockchain. It's a place where you can use our editor tools to build villages, cities or anything else you can dream up, on your very own custom world.

We intend to blur the lines between fiction and reality as we mix story-driven virtual reality experiences with real-world e-commerce.

Star Corps

When you enter Nexaverse Worlds, your story is what you make of it. There will be many paths you can take as you live out your story, however one of them offers you a more structured way to experience space travel. You can join the Star Corps! Star Corps is a highly organized and well-funded organization that represents the last of human-kind's survival after Earth's destruction hundreds of years prior. By joining Star Corps, you are guaranteed to get the training, experience and equipment you need to be successful exploring the universe.

Owning a Star

Owning a planet is as easy as buying an NFT from our NFT store, but owning a star is truly something special! The owner of all of the worlds within the same star system also owns the star they orbit. When this happens, players will be able to send probes into their sun to harness it's raw untamed energy and send that energy back to all of the planets in the system. Force fields get stronger, weapons become more powerful, electricity and heat energy becomes abundant and vehicles become more powerful.

Owning a star means that you have complete control over your solar system and what happens to other players if they enter it.

Intelligent Life

One of our biggest goals for Nexaverse Worlds is to make sure everything is created procedurally, which means everything is "generated" instead of designed by hand. Whereas this presents some different challenges, it also ensures that experiences never happen twice. One of the ways we are doing that is by creating a truly dynamic system for how civilizations work and behave. Every single character will have their own personality, which steers them to make choices that are all their own! Entire civilizations of characters with unique backgrounds and personalities will populate the Nexaverse, all interacting with you and each other in ways that we cannot even predict, giving you unlimited stories to experience.


One of the amazing ways to spend your time in Nexaverse Worlds is to collect resources and use those materials to create and build things. Weapons, gadgets, spacecraft, food, survival gear, machine parts, clothes, armor, droids and more can be crafted by players in Nexaverse Worlds. You can then either use those items yourself to enhance your own adventures, or sell them to other players who don't yet possess the skill to make them.


Some planets are beautiful to look at and some... well... not so much. But before you discard an ugly one, make sure you understand what your planet is made of and what minerals and resources you can mine from it. Many players will answer the call to craft items, weapons, ships, equipment and more. Those players will required raw materials in order to do that, and will gladly pay a generous fee for raw materials found from a planet they may not have access to.


There will be so many things to do in Nexaverse Worlds. The more you perform certain types of tasks, the higher your skill will be at those tasks, unlocking new and more powerful abilities. Professions will allow to you to follow certain skill paths. For example, if you find yourself doing a lot of exploration, you will naturally begin to unlock skills like creature tracking and planet surveying. These skills can be valuable to players that are seeking them and can also lead to unlocking new types of stories as you progress through your skill tree.

Start a Business

Just as much as there are adventures to be had, there is also money to be made! Players will be able to use your digital products in their living quarters, spacecraft and other areas they have control over. They may be able to hang your art up in their room, or listen to your music while they fly through space. This will give players the ultimate freedom to customize their experiences in the Nexaverse.
  • If you're an artist, you can open up a store that other users can walk through, view your art and buy it.
  • If you're a musician, you can open a music store where users can come in, listen and buy it.
  • If you're a 3D modeler, you can open a store where users can buy your models and use them to build things on their own planets.
  • If you're a writer, you can open a book store where users can buy your books.
  • You can even craft in-game items and sell them to other players that need them in order to explore the galaxy.
  • And so much more...